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Despite the fact that Acharavi is overdeveloped. Roda is not the same and cannot be recommended to the independent traveller. The crossroads on the coastal highway create a rather ugly first impression. Roda is far away from the airport so getting there requires approximately three hours trip. The road are bably maintained and they are quite narrow making even more difficult to travel there.

Old Roda

Old Roda as the signposts call it, it is a small triangular warren of Alleys on the east side of the road that links the highway to the seafront. This area and the seafront itself has many hotels, restaurants and bars, while other services tend to be back on the link road.

Beach Guide


Type: Sandy.

Sunbeds: Yes there are.

Toilet/Showers: None - plans are for toilets and showers though.

Child Suitability: The beach looks child friendly and is very flat. The road above the beach though is close and although it is not too busy you would need you to keep an eye on young children.

Accessibility: Down a few steps from the road. There is plenty of parking at the top, close to the beach. Cleanliness and Urchins: No Urchins, and the beach is cleaned daily of seaweed. I was disappointed though to find cigarette ends on the beach.

Supermarkets: Yes there are.

Water Sports: not sure! Exchange: Yes

Public Swimming Pools: Three or four.The entrance is free but you are supposed to by something to drink.

Disabled Facilities: The whole resort is flat, so it is very easily accessible from almost everywhere. there are though a couple of steps down to the beach.

Bars: Many. Some near the beach front, and the others in the old part of the village.


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